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Vision and Priorities

Our Vision

“Enabling residents to access the services and information they need online.”

Across all sectors of the economy the spread of new technology has challenged old models of service delivery. Customers and service users are now able to access information through technology at the touch of button from a variety of devices. The Council has now committed itself to a ‘Digital First’ approach across all of its services, recognising that services should now be delivered in ways which keep pace with modern technology.


  • We will embed into services the regular review and updating of information online, ensuring the website is user-friendly and up to date. In addition, the Council will continue to investigate opportunities for building upon our existing usage of social media and digital information provision.
  • The Council will look to fundamentally review all customer requests as per the digital agenda and look to develop services in the digital age.
  • Services will also consider options for integration into back office systems in order to maximise efficiencies and savings.
  • Where appropriate, the move to online solutions for customers will also be supported by departments through an ‘assisted digital’ approach.
  • Council departments will develop and adopt robust measures of customer data to be used as business intelligence to measure digital progress and to inform policy development, service planning and transformation of services.