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Digital Strategy

The introduction of new digital technologies across all areas of our lives has fundamentally changed many things, from how we purchase services, how we work, how we interact through to how services are delivered to us. The Council understands that it has to change to keep pace with this digital shift and the expectations of its citizens, workforce and partners. Indeed, the Council sees that it has a duty to lead and help support this technological and cultural transition within the borough and the wider society. Reviews will seek to make best use of the technologies available whilst also ensuring that our digital services are delivered in user friendly ways. 

This digital strategy sets out a vision and commitment which will support the key Council objectives of:

  1. Council objectives of Creating more jobs and supporting business growth.
  2. Improving housing quality and building more houses.
  3. Improving health and well-being.
  4. Improving outcomes for our young people – education and skills.
  5. Supporting and helping the most vulnerable people.
  6. Making your money go further – supporting households in difficult financial times through efficient and effective use of Council tax. 

Key Drivers

The drivers for implementing a digital strategy are detailed below and are led by the changing environment within the Council and its interactions with citizens and partners taking into account the wider changing technological advances in delivering services. 

  • Access to digital systems: greater demand for citizen access .systems from any location 24/7.
  • Value for money: Reductions in the Council budgets.
  • Shared Services: An increase in capability and options to share services with other Authorities/ Partners will mean citizens need to be as digitally enabled as possible to react to changing service delivery models.
  • Digital Exclusion: Citizen digital skills gap which could impact future service delivery models and disadvantage some sections of society.

To view our Draft Digital Strategy Report 2018 - 2020, click here.